On the Water: A Lesbian Paranormal Romance
Release date: November 19, 2021

Del needs all the cash she can get, so when someone who claims to be from someplace called The Uncanny Society hires her to look into local disappearances, she takes the job. It brings her to On the Water, a club by the river, where she notices a beautiful woman trying too hard to be overlooked, and who goes out of her way to keep Del from the riverbank.

Saira entered the human world to retrieve the missing Guard of the Northern Gate at the behest of her Eminence, and return to her underwater home as quickly as possible. But there’s a human poking around the river, too intriguing and too stubborn for their own good, and if Saira isn’t careful, she won’t be the only monster who takes notice of her.

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Donuts in Space 

A series of linked flash pieces that form a short story, Donuts in Space is about a stress-baking human and her new life after the catastrophic crash of her ship from Earth.

Available from GASHER Press