If That Mockingbird Don’t Sing: Parenting Stories Gone Speculative
Alternating Current Press

75 flash fictions and creative nonfictions featuring speculative parenting stories written by 76 authors. Edited by Hannah Grieco. My flash, Light Therapy, is about a kid who accidentally goes to space and his parent’s fight against the program that’s supposed to fix him.


Crowded House: A Threesome and Group Sex Erotica Anthology
Cleis Press

Edited by the award-winning Rachel Kramer Bussel, these sizzling erotic adult stories show that three (or four or more) is the perfect bedroom crowd.

My short story, Movie Night, about four queer, trans, and non-binary friends who find new ways to come together.


Pages Penned in Pandemic
Editing by Kayla King

Pages Penned in Pandemic celebrates the work created during tough times.

Some wrote without fail every day. Others only managed a page, a poem, or a piece of prose to ease them through the months of wondering: how do we carry on from here? How do we survive?

Bringing together poetry, short stories, flash fiction, and essays, these pages penned in pandemic are tangible reminders that something can always be made out of nothing, that transforming the tribulations and trials of the everyday into art is not only enough, it’s everything.

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