Pre-order The Water’s Edge

Monsters of the River’s Edge Book 2

Del nearly died the day she met a gorgeous river monster, but she’s been longing for the chance to see her again. Del’s not sure what will happen if she accepts the invitation to a weekend at a vacation cottage by the river, but so far magic has not led her astray, and Saira has been worth the risks.

Saira is once again tangled up in the affairs of the human world. By all logic she should focus on her service to Her Eminence and her responsibilities to her people. She should return to her underwater home and leave Del far behind, before the connection that’s formed between them irrevocably changes her.

Neither of them expect trouble in the form of a ghostly presence haunting a young woman next door, or the changes the arrival of a ghost hunter will set into motion. One weekend by the water can change everything.

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