Hold on chickens, give us back our bus

michael-dziedzic-dSyhpTGhNHg-unsplashSummer has circled us around to the kiddo again watching what used to be one of her favorite shows: Peg + Cat. It’s about problem solving with math, and it’s very clever and pretty silly.  Right now, the kiddo is in a tent made of couch cushions watching 100 chickens steal a band’s tour bus while I finally remember to update my website. (Still thinking about the Iditarod, though!)

I went looking for posts I was certain I had written, only to realize they were newsletter updates, not here. Then, lest I faint under the crushing weight of the panic brain cycle known as all the stuff I should be doing better, I went to refill my glass of water and spotted a juvenile cardinal. From the living room, my kiddo sang along with Peg, begging the chickens to bring back the bus.

So I will do what a little girl and her blue cat suggest: count backwards from five to calm down. Start again. I’ll post a picture of the cardinal. I’ll post a poem. I’ll maybe get you to watch a great kids’ show. michael-dziedzic-dSyhpTGhNHg-unsplash

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